Francis Whaley
on his BSA Banton!

Mr Packwood

Mrs Nilla Burr

Mr Tony Eggar & Paul
1946-1948, 1957-1972

Mr Dale Vargas

Anthony Walters
[1930 - 2005]

taught mathematics and carpentry at Belmont 1958 - 1964.

inspired many to achieve great things both in and out of the classroom.

Garage extension at Belmont built by AW and pupils 1960

AW with team of workers

The back-up team on a tea-break!

One of many Belmont built canoes, inspired by AW, being tested at Burnham on Crouch (1960)

Douglas Butler's Belmont canoe, hanging in a barn in Oundle! (2004)


Michael Beckinsale attended Mayfield College from 1973 -1979. His brother Steve also went there. He writes (February 2007):

I did go up to Mayfield College about three weeks ago. The security guard said Mr. Walters died a couple of years ago. Looking on the 'Friends Reunited' site for Mayfield College I found this message, added by Fela Oke in April 2005:

Sad news ...... Anthony Walters (known at Mayfield College as 'Bonk') passed away peacefully in his sleep in his "Bonk Mobile" on Saturday 16th April 2005 at the school. His funeral was on Friday 29th April 2005.

After leaving Belmont, Anthony Walters joined the staff at Mayfield College, a boarding school for boys which was situated nine miles south of Tunbridge Wells in East Sussex. He carried on working as a maths teacher, and House Master, at the college for many years.

He had helped to build a 5th form Common room/Woodwork classroom.

He lived in a Camping van, on the grounds, while work was (and still is) being done to convert Mayfield College into luxury flats.

Sadly he passed away in his camping van. He has been buried in the monks Graveyard at Mayfield College. He was 77 when he died.

I have fond memories of Mr Walters, as will many of the old boys of Mayfield College.

A short history of Mayfield College

Prior to Bellerby's taking over this school in about 1995 it was known as Mayfield College. Mayfield was founded by the Duchess of Leeds as an Orphanage. In 1868 a Roman Catholic Order of Religous Brothers, known as the Xaverians Brothers, moved from Hastings to run Mayfield College as an independent boys boarding school. The school continued to flourish under the direction of the Brothers until 1977 when, due to a shortage of vocations into the Brothers, the school was taken over by the Mayfield College Educational Trust. It retained strong links with the Brothers several of whom still lived and taught at the College.

However in about 1995 the Trust felt unable to continue the administration of the school and it was sold to Bellerby's of Wadhurst, they changed the name of the school to Bellerby College, Mayfield. The school has now closed down; about two years ago. In its day Mayfield College owned its own Prep. School at Waldron in East Sussex. This was known as School of St Edward the Confessor, but was often refered to as 'Foxhunt'.