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Friday 4th June 2004 - Photo Report
at St Stephen's Club, Queen Anne's Gate, London
to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Belmont School, and also to launch the Belmont Website.

Junior table

Junior table

Middle table

Senior table

Senior table

Senior table

Gus Gordon proposes
the Anniversary toast

General View of
St Stephen's lower floor

Coffee in the garden

Across Birdcage Walk
is St James's Park

Web site launch
led by Douglas Butler

Web site launch:
the History page

Web site launch

THE BELMONT REUNION at St Stephen's Club, 4th June 2004

Twenty-seven OBs met for lunch on Friday 4th June, at St Stephen's Club, Queen Anne's Gate SW1 to celebrate the Centenary of the founding of the School and the launch of the web site. The company was particularly pleased to see several OBs who had not been able to attend the reunion last November: Mark Attlee (1940-44), John Fontannaz (1934-39), Alex Harley (1946-48), John Robertshaw (1939-42) and Martin Tyler (1950-53) on holiday from Fiji.

Gus Pritchard-Gordon presided and Nicholas Frayling said Grace. Among the general notices, Douglas Butler said that he had recently visited the present owners of Belmont and Belmont Chapel. He reported that there would be no objection to an OB visit to the grounds, but Douglas did suggest that it might be a little disappointing as there is little recognisably 'Belmont' left, apart from the cricket pitch, the converted Chapel, and the evocative "Belmont Lane" sign at the top by the main road. Still definitely worth organising an OB visit. [See the Photo Gallery page - scroll down to the bottom].

David Hill asked what he should do with the pelican, formerly above the west door of the Chapel, which he had been given: one suggestion was to offer it to the present owners.

Dale Vargas said that he would like to assemble "The Story of Belmont" - although maybe not for publication in book form. He would be very pleased if anyone could send him information or reminiscences of their time at Belmont, by email to:
dvargas at harrowschool.org.uk or by mail to: 3 Meadow View, Harrow on the Hill HA1 3DN.

After lunch, Douglas Butler gave a screen presentation of the Belmont web site. Additions are constantly being made and scanned images or hard copies of photographs and other items of interest should be sent by email to:
enquiries at belmontschool-hassocks.org.uk

[The email addresses are hopefully anti-spam: please switch ' at ' to '@']