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HISTORY: Brighton, 1904-1920
The School was founded in 1904 by Mr GL Evans (Eton and Corpus Christi College, Oxford). Gilbert Luxmoore Evans was a King's Scholar at Eton from 1879-85. He was a “Newcastle Select” (i.e. on the short list for the Newcastle Medal, Eton 's most prestigious classical award) in both 1884 and 1885. After Oxford , he was a Master at a school in Crowborough , Sussex , before founding Belmont. [See photo of Evans family group].

He and his wife, who taught Art although she was a semi-invalid in her later years at the School, were known as Mr and Mrs E. Mr E retired in 1934, at the age of 68, and died in 1946, aged 80 - [see photo of his retirement letter].

The original site was a house in a cul de sac off Dyke Road in Brighton, from which the school took its name. It is described as a "small day school with a few boarders." Another prep school, Prestonville, later occupied a nearby house in the same block.

The school colours, Eton blue and black, were almost certainly chosen because of Mr Evans's school allegiance. The Belmont cap was similar to the Eton XXII cricket cap

Mr Cuthbert S Jeffries (St Edward's, Oxford and St John's , Oxford ), known as Mr J, joined the staff in 1910. He was a bachelor and lived in the School. He fought in the First World War and suffered from shell-shock and the after-effects of mustard gas.

There were 34 boys in the school in 1910