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HISTORY: Post closure, 1972-

The school building was demolished in 1977 and a large private house has arisen on the site, also known as Belmont.

The former Chapel and Masters' Lodge still stand and have been converted into private dwellings. The grounds remain green belt and the cricket pavilion is still there.

Christopher Barlow died in 1990 and Nilla Burr in 1998.
Mrs Brown (later Dennis and Gurney), Belmont piano teacher, died 20th Jan 2005

Gus Gordon writes (November 2006):
You may be interested in the recent Press Headline: Ray Horney's Treasury Holdings buys Battersea Power Station. Real Estate Opportunities, parent company of Treasury Holdings, which bought Battersea Power Station for £400m, is chaired by Ray Horney, the owner of the Belmont estate. He is reported as saying, "The Power Station is a much-loved part of London's heritage on a site which offers an extraordinary development opportunity." He went on to say, "Our scheme at the 52-acre Spencer Lock, Dublin's largest urban regeneration project, has proved commercially successful and a magnificent addition to Dublin's building stock."

Maybe he has a similar plan for the grounds at Belmont. So far, no planning permission for development has been granted.”. Sadly, Mr Horney’s wife died from cancer about two months ago.

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