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Belmont Badge

HISTORY: The Belmont Badge

There are more than twenty recognised adaptations of the Christian cross, of which Belmont's Patté Fitché is one. It derives from the Maltese cross, originally the badge of the Knights of Malta, formed of four barbed arrowheads with their points meeting at the centre. In various forms it is the badge of many well-known orders, including the Victoria Cross and the Order of merit (not to mention the Iron Cross!)

The precise connection with Belmont is unclear, although of course there is a connotation of a Christian way of life deriving from the good works done by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, whose headquarters were established in Malta in 1529.

The design of the Patté Fitché version of the cross was generally used whilst travelling, as with its pointed tail it could easily be placed on the ground. So in this particular case of the connection with an educational establishment, there is the suggestion of "spreading the word".